Thursday, July 6, 2017

information report

Niue is a small country and the closest country is Tonga then Samoa .

The capitail city of Niue is alofi.

They have crystal bluesea water and they have lime stone caves and heaps of cliffs along the shore. Their  tempauture  is usually between27,24   and nieueans  mosly swim they also  pick coconuts from trees.In niue there are people.Villages that in niue are lakepa ,liku ,hikutavate ,matalau ,avallale.They have famous people likeJohn poule.An artist and shimpai lets from the nated samoans.They have food like lobster, crap, mussles, and also have famous landmarks like the linestone caves.Hoildays all they do is swim play and sleep .

 people go to Nuie to see the blue  sea and live in cool houses also to see the cliffs and coral reefs.

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